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If policemen didn’t think that all black men look the same, I wouldn’t be sitting here.

       Ashway Islamic Education and Community Center » 

Imam Imran Hana (Aldis Hodge), Wasima Hana (Samira Wiley), Sabina Rashid (Sonam Kapoor), Rafi Farrah (Alexander Siddig), Amir Idris (Abhay Deol), Fatima Karim (Amara Karan), Hassan Idris (Irrfan Khan), Joanna Farrah (Patricia Clarkson), Laila Khan (Rubina Ali), Lazim Khan (Ayush Mahesh Khedekar)

Interfaith אֱמוּנָה a comedy series about the intertwined communities of faith in the metropolis of Houston


       Ashway Islamic Education and Community Center »

Aldis Hodge as the center’s fresh, new imam who’s ready to prove himself the leader he knows he can be for the wary community. Irrfan Khan as the Head of the center’s Board of Trustees, while the center’s finances have never been so good, he’s praying even harder for the changing people inside of it. Samira Wiley as the new imam’s sister and the school’s girls sports coach, ready to whip her girls into shape to take home this year’s gold at the interfaith soccer tournament. Amara Karan as the social worker and feminist activist, it’s her mission in life to fight not just for equality in the center but in all of Houston. Alexander Siddig as the Farsi School teacher, happy that he finally convinced his wife out of going somewhere else to learn the language. Patricia Clarkson as his flighty, ex-Lutheran wife who is eager to learn Farsi but not as eager to let his teacher role get between them. Sonam Kapoor as the new community & charity organizer and college friend of the imam, the stress of needing to be perfect in this new position just might break her if she doesn’t learn how to relax. Abhay Deol as the Head of Trustees’ unruly son, he hasn’t kept a job longer than a handful of months and if he doesn’t get his act together soon his father will have no choice but to take serious action. Rubina Ali & Ayush Mahesh Khedekar as the Farsi teacher and student’s children whom are wrangled into spending more time with the charity organizer after skipping a few too many classes, hoping that by living the faith they’ll be more interested in learning about it.

Interfaith אֱמוּנָה a comedy series about the intertwined communities of faith in the metropolis of Houston

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